Kelly Rabkin is a designer, illustrator, and moonchild from Asbury Park, NJ.

She specializes in hand lettering and also really fancies watercolors. 

Kelly is a graduate of the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University, where she now teaches Typography and Studio Skills. Upon graduating Kelly has designed packaging, invitations, websites, events, and a logo or two. 

When not elbows-deep in paint and ink or exploring the darkest corners of Illustrator, you can probably find Kelly at the beach, knitting a sweater, enthusiastically wrapping a present, or yelling at a Rangers game on TV. She is happiest when she is creating and loves dreaming up new projects and collaborations.

All photography unless otherwise noted courtesy of John Kotlowski.

Kelly is available for freelance projects and thinks working with you would be tight as hell.

Darlin' reach out!

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